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Hog Roast ColchesterHog Roast Colchester 

Welcome to Hog Roast Colchester. Are you looking for the best hog roast company in Colchester? If so, you’ve found it here at Hog Roast Colchester because we are the hog roast specialists that local residents love. If you are tired of the usual fare and you are looking for something that is a cut above for your outdoor event, hiring Hog Roast Colchester to provide a delicious hog roast and superior freshly made food is the answer! One of the best outside catering companies in the area, we don’t just offer extremely succulent roasted meats, we also provide all kinds of mouth-watering dishes for all kinds of celebrations.

So, whether you’re looking for Colchester catering companies to provide the food for your wedding, your corporate event or a simple get-together for a summer barbecue, we’ve got the experience and the expertise to ensure that your party food will go down a storm. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that we’re experts in catering for all sizes of get together, whether you’re planning an intimate party for 10 or a mass gathering of hundreds. So why not get in touch with us now, and let’s discuss how we can cater your next event?

Not just our signature hog roasts, but a wide range of dishes to choose from

Hog Roast Colchester

Of course, as our name suggests, we’re specialists in providing perfectly roasted hogs. However, we’re more than just specialist hog roasters; our trained and professional chefs can whip up all kinds of dishes, from simple finger foods and party platters to exotic dishes with Oriental and Mediterranean flavours.

Whether you simply want us to serve your guests our trademark hog in a roll, or you’re looking for a sit-down formal menu, we’ve got the skill and the expertise to provide exactly what you want. In addition to variety, all our dishes are created using top quality locally sourced produce, where appropriate, and cater for a variety of tastes and budgets. All our food is cooked fresh on site, plus our professional staff are always on hand to ensure that the entire catering experience goes without a hitch.

The Famous Hog Roast Catering Team

Here at the Hog Roast Colchester catering team, we are thrilled to be able to operate in such a vibrant, thriving and ever exciting city. In such a grand looking place like that of Colchester, it would seem a waste not to have such a grand feast of a meal for an event in the Colchester area. That is why if you have an upcoming event in the area we could not advise more to ensure you hire a marvellous, impressive catering service such as ourselves here at Hog Roast Colchester. We specialise in the culinary majesty that is spit roasting.

Hog Roast ColchesterWe favour this method for a whole range of reasons. First of all, the slow cooking method means that we are positive we can always ensure we provide succulently cooked meat and crispy exteriors which make for the most delicious offering! Secondly, we really think that not only does a hog roast meal taste amazing but it looks visually impressive too. What a great focal point for an event of any kind! And finally, a hog roast really is a great, versatile choice for any kind of event of occasion; weddings, parties, private celebrations or corporate business events, we have experience in catering for a wide range of incredible and diverse events in the Sunderland area!

DIY with our hog roast machine hire in Colchester

If you’ve always thought that you’re a bit of a master of the barbecue, why not take it one step further and try cooking your very own hog roast? Hog Roast Colchester make it possible by offering our quality hog roast machines for hire throughout Colchester and the surrounding areas.

In addition to great prices and a comprehensive service, we’ll even let you in on some of the secrets for creating the perfect roast and, if you’d like to go the whole hog, we can even supply one of our locally sourced hogs, so that you can recreate that very special Hog Roast Colchester taste.